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England & Wales Civil Registration Indexes

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Civil Registration is the name to the process of registering births, marriages and deaths by the central government.  this registration started in England and Wales on 1 July 1837 and continues to the present day.


Specific information was required when an event was registered.  For each type of event, the following information was recorded:


Name and sex of the child
Date and place of birth
Father's name and occupation
Mother's name including maiden name
Residence and signature of the informant


Name, age, occupation and residence of the bride & groom
Date and place of marriage
Marital status (single, widow, widower)
Name and occupation of the father of the bride & groom
Mother's name including maiden name
Signature of the witnesses


Name, age, and occupation of the deceased
Date, place and cause of death
Name, relationship and residence of informant


    Indexes of birth, marriage, and death records are available from 1837 through 1983.  Quarterly indexes list those who were registered.  An event (birth, marriage, or death) appears in the index when it was registered, not necessarily when it happened.  The law required registration of all events, but the law was not enforced until the 1870's.

    Indexes are arranged by year and quarter.   The four quarters end in the months of March, June, September and December.   Names are listed in alphabetical order by surname then given name(s), followed by the name of the registration district, a volume number and a page number.  In the case of births, when a child was registered before the parents chose a given name, the child's name appears in the index as "female" or "male".  These entries appear at the end of each surname list.


    Births, marriages and deaths were registered in the local district, there being several districts in each county.  this place name is not the actual place of birth, marriage or death.  It is the name of the geographical area called a district.

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