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Combining a background in history and genealogical research, Kathy Kirkpatrick offers clients professional genealogical research services and publications. Most family research is done at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, with annual (or more frequent) trips to do research in Italy, London, Paris, and other locations in Europe. She earned her B.A. in History from Humboldt State University at Arcata, California. Ms. Kirkpatrick is a past president of the Salt Lake Chapter (now part of the Utah Chapter) of the Association of Professional Genealogists. Currently, she serves as the president of the Utah Jewish Genealogical Society.

Kathy wrote Basic Genealogy (1995, 1997), The Descendants of Timothy Meeker (1987-1991, a six volume series), The Descendants of John Robert Kirkpatrick (1986), Agrigento, Palermo and Catania Provinces (Italy) - A Reference for Researchers (2003), Italian Prisoners of War in the Continental US on 31 March 1945 (A-B), (C-D), (E-I), (J-M), (N-R), (S-Z) (2003-2004), Prisoners of War in Utah During World War II (2004), Sicily, Parts 1 and 2 (2008). Her book Prisoner of War Camps Across America (2012) is now available on Amazon. American Prisoner of War Camps in Idaho and Utah, American Prisoner of War Camps in Arizona and Nevada, and American Prisoner or War Camps in Southern California were published by Fonthill (Arcadia) Publishing in 2018. American Prisoner of War Camps in Northern California, The Transcontinental Railroad in Utah, American Prisoner of War Camps in Washington and Oregon, and American Prisoner of War Camps in Montana and Wyoming were published in 2019. The series continued with American Prisoner of War Camps in Colorado in 2020.

Weller Book Works hosted an Arcadia Author Event on 24 November 2020 featuring Kathy (American Prisoner of War Camps in Colorado) and Lynn Arave (Images of America: Layton). The recorded presenation is available at She was interviewed by Karen Duffin for "Nazi Summer Camp", broadcast in May 2015 and available at Radiolab.Blog.

She is the historical consultant for Red Gold ( This is the story of an Italian POW Camp in Indiana during World War II, currently in production.

Kathy speaks locally and Internationally on a variety of topics. She is scheduled to present at an assortment of conferences and meetings in 2024, see Descriptions of family history presentations are located at while WWII presentations are at

Kathy's experience includes research for many clients and genealogists from beginning through advanced levels, including heirship and probate research. She has done genealogical research for "Italian Emigrants, Italian Immigrants" by Tina Bochicchio Woetzel and "Sinatra: The Life" by Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan. Research includes client family records located at town, provincial and military archives in Italy. Cemeteries, including military, are visited, photographed, and individuals documented not only for family members, but also for presentations made at conferences, books, and our website.

Military research is done at the National Archives in College Park, MD; the National Archives in London; the Army Archives in Rome; and at the Vatican Apostolic Archives. The focus is Prisoners of War. She also researches Enemy Alien internees and Jewish refugees mostly from central Europe to Italy and the US. For "Il Giuramento" by Dino Parri-Maurizio Parri, she did military research on prisoners of war in America.

Jewish research includes the Jewish origins of Italian-American, Italian-British, and Italian-Australian families to document their Jewish roots before converting to Catholicism. Also work at the Concentration Camp at Ferramonte (Tarsia) Italy and the Jewish Museum at Bova Marina housing the artifacts from a 3rd century synagogue nearby.

Her research takes her on-site in Italy, Sicily, Greece, the United Kingdom, and France as well as close to home in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. Kathy obtained access to the Vatican Secret Archives (now the Vatican Apostolic Archives) for her military research in 2015, and continues that research today. To see a sample report, please see To see some comments from clients, please see

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