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Kathy speaks locally and internationally on a variety of topics. A complete listing of all presentations and publications can be found at Timeline. Her bio page is at

Her presentations on Italian Research include the following:
"Immigration Journeys From Italy to America" starts with home records and photos, leading to searching microfilmed and/or online original records. Complete by locating onsite records and connecting with living cousins. Examples of all records shown and explained with repositories.

"Immigration Journeys from Italy to Great Britain" Uses British records located at several online websites, we gained the information required to begin to document two families with different immigrant experiences and to locate their towns of origin in Italy. The search continued in the original town records located online as well as in provincial and town records located onsite in Italy. Sources and repositories described.

"Italian Research Abroad" Starts at home finding records and photos, leading to research online to extend the lines back to Italy. Reserve your on-site time for things not available elsewhere. Research on-site records only available in the town of birth, visit interpretive sites and/or museums, search church registers for baptisms, marriages, and deaths, church censuses not available elsewhere, locate cemetery records, and search military records.

Her presentations on Jewish Research include the following:
"Bova Marina Archaelogical Park" tours and explaines the archaelogical site and museum housing the arifacts from a 3rd century synagogue in that community.

"The Jewish Cemetery at Pisa, Italy" tours the cemetery and headstones in the context of the Jewish community in this city.

"The Hidden Jewish Heritage of a Catholic Italian-American Family" Researches an Italian-American Catholic family to their Jewish heritage in Italy. The search started in home records, leading to online and microfilmed records, culminating in on-site records and neighborhoods. Sources and repositories described.

Other topics include:
"From Snitterfield to California, a Journey of 390 Years" Discovers the story of a family in California today back to Snitterfield, England. Uses photos, census, civil and military records, cemetery records, and family stories found at home, in libraries, and online. DNA matches led to probate records in colonial North Carolina which led back to London. Currier guild records in London as well as parish registers in Snitterfield successfully extended the line back to 1634.

"Research Beyond the Library Walls" Starts with family records and stories, including recording interviews with family members. Take online classes, find research guidance online, and attend conferences virtually or in person. Visit museums and neighborhoods online or in person. Search online at many websites and interpret the original and secondary records found. Contact distant repositories through email or chats.

"The Transcontinental Railroad" shows the history from the first surveys to the final "last spike" ceremony.

"The Chinese in Utah" shows the arrival from the West Coast and China as workers were recruited for building the Transcontinental Railroad, discrimination history, through to present day citizens.

"The Chinese in America" shows the arrival at the West Coast, the history of discrimination against Chinese and all Asians, limited acceptance of Chinese as war allies, to present day citizens.

Presentations on World War II topics are listed at

Older versions of video presentations are located at videos and at YouTube.
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