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Agrigento (AG)

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Agrigento (Agrigento Province) is 3 km. from the sea, alt. 230 m., area 244.57 sq. km., pop. over 55,400, post-code 92100, tel.0922. Economy: agriculture, industry (food, chemicals, graphics, metallurgy, plastics, etc.), service industries, tourism. It is the capital city of the province

The Provincial Archives (Archivio di Stato) has a web site at They are located at:
Archivio di Stato
via Mazzini, #187
92100 Agrigento, AG

There is a section of the provincial archives located in Sciacca.

The Diocese of Agrigento has a web site at Their offices are located at:
Archivio Diocesi
via Duomo, #96
92100 Agrigento, AG

The ancient city walls described in Virgil's Aeneid, can still be seen. The ancient city (Akragas) contained at least ten Greek temples, of which the remains of seven are still standing in the Valley of the Temples. The city developed thoughout the Middle Ages until the present. Its present name dates from 1927.

Of interest is the Art Gallery and Agrigento Civic Museum, as well as the Regional Archaelogical Museum in the Valley of the Temples.

The Almond Blossom Festival (and International Folk Dance Festival) is held the beginning of February and is a delightful experience! The first and second weeks in July are the celebrations for San Calogero. The International Convention of Pirandello studies is held in December. The Pirandello Festival is held in July and August.

Churches (Agrigento Diocese) include the following:
Maria SS. Assunta and San Giacomo (Cathedral, 11th century)
B.M.V. Annunziata
B.M.V. Assunta
B.M.V. del Carmelo
B.M.V. della Divina Provvidenza
B.M.V. di Fatima
B.M.V. Immacolata
B.M.V. Madre della Chiesa
B.M.V. Mediatrice di Tutte Le Grazie
Chiesa di San Domenico (historic)
Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Greci (historic)
Chiesa di San Francesco (Basilica dell'Immacolata, historic)
Chiesa di Santa Rosalia (historic)
Madonna degli Angeli
Maria SS. Assunta
S. Francesco di Paola
S. Gemma Galgani
S. Gerlando
S. Gregorio
S. Lorenzo Martire
S. Maria degli Angeli
S. Pio X
S. Rosa Da Viterbo
S. Teresa del B.G.
San Giacomo
San Giovanni Battista
San Giuseppe
San Lorenzo
San Michele Arcangelo
San Pietro
Santa Croce
Santo Spirito (13th century, historic)
SS. Crocifisso
S. Guiseppe Artigiano (Borgo La Loggia - suburb of Agrigento)
S. Nicola (Fontanelle - suburb of Agrigento)
Maria SS. della Pieta (Giardina Gallotti - suburb of Agrigento)
San Lorenzo Lev. and Mart. (Montaperto - suburb of Agrigento)
San Cuore di Gesu (Quadrivio - suburb of Agrigento)
San Leone (San Leone - suburb of Agrigento)
Cuore Immacolato di Maria (Villaggio Mose' - suburb of Agrigento)
Maria SS. della Catena (Villaseta - suburb of Agrigento)
S. Croce (Villaseta - suburb of Agrigento)
S. Lorenzo (Villaseta - suburb of Agrigento)

Families researched in these records include the following:
di Maria
di Rosa
La Duca

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