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Caltanissetta (CL)

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Caltanissetta (Caltanissetta Provincia) is the provincial capital, 126 km from Palermo, alt. 568 m, area 415.94 sq. km. Its population is just over 62,000, post-code 93100, tel. 0934. Economy: agriculture, foodstuffs, chemicals, building, metallurgy, plastics, etc.

Some scholars think this town originated with ancient Nissa, others think it was founded by the Arabs. The name is from the Arabic Qal'at (castle) and Nissa. Written history began in 1086 when Count Roger founded the Priorato di San Giovanni and started development of the area. In the 14th century it was caught in the struggles between the Ventimiglia and Chiaromonte factions. In 1406 it passed to the Moncades of Paterno. Between the 15th and 16th centuries, it expanded beyond the medieval walls with the creation of the quarters of Santa Flavia, San Rocco gli Zingari and San Francesco. It became the provincial capital in 1818. It was a major center of sulphur mining.

Of interest is the Mineralogical, Palaeontological and Sulphur-Mine Museum, the Regional Archaeological Museum, the Folklore Musuem (in Chiesa di San Pio X), and the Civic Museum. Also of interest is the Palazzo Moncada, the Palazzo Vescovile, and the Castello di Pietrarossa.

The Provincial Archives (Archivio di Stato) has a web site at They are located at:
Archivio di Stato
Via P. Borsellino, 2-2a
93100 Caltanissetta (CL)

The Diocese Archives are located at:
Curia Vescovile
Diocese di Caltanissetta
Via Cairoli, 8
93100 Caltanissetta (CL)

Churches (Caltanissetta Diocese) include the following:
Cathedral (16th/17th cent.)
Chiesa di San Sebastiano (16th cent.)
Chiesa del Collegio (Chiesa di Sant'Agata) (1605)
Chiesa di Santa Croce (17th cent.)
Chiesa di San Domenico
Chiesa di San Pio X
Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angeli

Families researched in those records include the following:

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