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Corleone (PA)

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Corleone (Palermo Province) is a hill town (550 m.) 56 km. from Palermo. It is in the upper basin of the River Belice, among rocky hills Southwest of Rocca Basumbra. It has a population of over 11,200 in an area of 229.1 sq. km. The postal code is 90034 and the telephone prefix is 091. It has an agricultural economy.

This town has a remarkable history which started with Sican origins, with Roman development, Byzantine leaders, and was later an Arab fortress. In Norman times it belonged to the diocese of Palermo and after 1176 to that of Monreale. In 1237 Frederick II brought in Lombard settlers led by Ottone di Camerana. The town was deeply involved in the War of the Sicilian Vespers in 1280.

I found the town to be friendly and well-kept. The records in the Matrice were remarkably well cared for and made available to me by the friendly and helpful priest there.

Of interest is the clock tower and town hall (18th century). On the top of two high crags are the Torre dei Saraceni and the Castello Sottano (a Bourbon prison in 1845, converted to a Franciscan hermitage after 1960).

Churches (Monreale Diocese) include the following:
San Martino (Matrice, enlarged in the 14th century)
Chiesa del Salvatore and Convent (1737, historic)
Chiesa dell'Addolorata (1749, historic)
Chiesetta di Sant'Andrea (14th century on the site of an ancient mosque, historic)
Maria SS. delle Grazie
San Agostino
San Francesco d'Assisi
San Leoluca
Santa Maria di Gesu
Santa Rosalia (1624)
SS. Elene e Costantino
Santa Rosalia (Ficuzza - suburb in Corleone)

Families researched in those records include the following:
Adorno, Arsena, Bruno, Cammarata, Cannariaro, Canzoneri, Certimiglia, Ciavarello, Cinquemano, Colajanni, Colletti, Consiglio, Cortimiglia, Criscione, d'Anna, de Luca, di Carlo, di Giovanni, Dragna, Firantello, Gabriele, Galgiano, Grasso, Grimaldi, Guagliardo, Leto, lo Presti, Lucera, Macaluso, Manhina, Mannina, Marino, Messina, Mondello, Mosca, Musso, Napoli Oliva, Palazzo, Palermo, Paternostro, Pensato, Picataci, Piccione, Provenzano, Sabatino, Salerno, Santoro, Scimonetto, Stilla, Terusa, Vernagallo, Vetrano, Zabbia

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