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Eraclea Minoa (AG)

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Eraclea Minoa (Agrigento Province) is 50 km. from Agrigento, on the Capo Bianco hill near the mouth of the River Platani.

Legend states that it was founded by the companions of Minos after he had been killed by the daughter of King Kokalas. It is almost certain that the Myceneans visited this part of Sicily. The historical city was a colony of Selinunte from the 6th century BC, making it a part of the conflicts between Selinunte and Agrigento and between the Carthaginians and the Romans. It then became a Roman "civitas decumana" and was devasted during the Slave Revolts. It was repopulated by Publius Rupilius, consul in 131 BC, and abandoned for the last time in the 1st century AD.

Recent excavations have revealed the boundary wall, the residential areas of the Hellenistic and Roman Republic ages, a Hellenistic Sanctuary, Hellenistic and Arabic tomb furnishings, and the theater, built about the 3rd century BC and looking toward the sea like most Sicilian coastal theaters of that time.

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