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Lentini (SR)

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Lentini (Siracusa Province) is 51 km from Siracusa, alt. 56 m, sheltered by a series of hills, south of the Biviere di Lentini, an ancient marshy lake, now reclaimed, area 215.8 sq km, pop. 27,287, post-code 96016, tel. 095. Agricultural economy (citrus fruit).

This is near the ancient Leontinoi, traditionally said to be the home of the Laestrygones, man-eating giants encountered by Ulysses (Odyssey, Bk.X). It was founded in 729 BC by the Greeks of Nazos on San Mauro Hill, near the modern town, in a territory already inhabited by the Sicels. After some two centuries of independence and prosperity it was subjected to Gela at the beginning of the 5th century BC and soon afterwards by Sircasa which, except for brief periods of autonomy, dominated it until the death of Hieron II in 215 BC. The following year it was taken and destroyed by the Roman consul Marcellus. It became a bishopric in the early Christian and Byzantine age. Seriously damaged by earthquakes in 1140 and 1169, and rebuilt during the Swabian period, it was one of the main royal cities in the island. But the earthquake in 1542 (the citizens refused to move to the new town of Carlentini) and even more so the one in 1693 inevitably led to a process of gradual decline. It was only in the 19th century that Lentini began to develop economically, with new expansion of the town.

Of interest: The Archeological Museum

Churches (Siracusa Diocese) include the following:

S. Maria La Cava e S. Alfio (Chiesa Madre, 17th century)
S. Antonio di Padova
S. Cristo Re
S. Luca
SS. Trinita' e S. Marziano

Families researched in those records include the following:

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