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Licata (AG)

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Licata (Agrigento Province) is 48 km. from Agrigento, alt. 8 m., on the coast of the Strait of Sicily, between the Salso River and Sant'Angelo Hill (locally known as "la montagna", the mountain), area 178.9 sq. km., pop. over 41,200, post-code 92027, tel. 0922. Economy: agriculture (wheat, olives); fish and canning industries; service industries.

Its territory has been inhabited since the Paleolithic period, as shown by numerous archeological items in the Civic Museum.

In 280 BC the tyrant of Agrigento, Phintias, founded here the city of Phintias, which gathered the inhabitants of the destroyed city of Gela.

In Roman times it became one of the leading commercial centers in Sicily, with a wheat-loader of vast capacity and a well-provided port. The economy flourished also in the Middle Ages.

Licata was sacked by the Turks in 1553, after which it recovered and spread Northwest beyond the old town wall.

Of interest is the Civic Museum. The ancient hill of Eknomos is the site of recent excavations revealing prehistoric settlement. It is topped with a 17th century castle.

Churches (Agrigento Diocese) include the following:
San Antonio e Vincenzo (Chiesa Madre) (Nativita di Maria SS., 16th century)
B.M.V. del Cotturo
B.M.V. del Monte Carmelo
B.M.V. di Loreto
B.M.V. di Monserrato
B.M.V. di Sabuci
Chiesa and Convento del Carmine (1748, historic, 14th century portal in the convent)
Chiesa and Convento di San Francesco (16th century, historic)
Chiesa del SS. Salvatore (18th century, historic)
Chiesa della Carita (18th century, historic)
Chiesa di Sant'Angelo (historic)
Chiesa di Santa Maria la Vetere (historic)
Madonna del Cotturo
Maria SS. dei Sette Dolori
Maria SS. del Carmelo
Maria SS. delle Sette Spade
S. Agostino
S. Andrea Apostolo
S. Barbara
S. Gabriele dell'Addolorata
S. Giuseppe Maria Tomasi
S. Maria La Vetere
San Andrea Apostile
San Domenico (17th century)
San Paolo

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