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Milena (CL)

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Milena (Caltanissetta Diocese) is 45 km from Caltanissetta, alt. 436 m, in the hill country between the Rivers Platani and Salso, on the left of the River Gallo d'Oro, area 24.6 sqkm, pop. 3,644, post-code 93010, tel. 0934. Economy: agriculture (cereals, olives, almonds), stock breeding, potassium salts and rocksalt mining.

Documental historical records of the fief and the hamlet of Milocca date from the second half of the 13th century, when they belonged to the Capizzi family; in the first half of the 14th century the fief and the hamlet were acquired by the Monastery of San Martino delle Scale, to which they belonged until 1866.

Milena is an autonomous commune since 1923, after the fusions of Milocca and San Biagio which belonged respectively to Sutera and Campofranco.

It was known as Milocca until 1933, when it took its present name in honor of the then recently deceased Queen of Montenegro, Milena, mother of Queen Elena of Italy.

Of interest: Antiquarium; two Hidos tombs, Mycaenean in ty and age (12th-10th centuries BC) are situated on the west face of Monte Campanella; Neolithic/Copper Age settlement on the Serra del Palco hill.

Churches (Caltanissetta Diocese) include the following:
Maria SS. Immacolata (Chiesa Madre)
Convent of San Martino (18th century, historic)
S. Isidoro

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