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Ragusa (RG)

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Ragusa (Ragusa Province) is the provincial capital, alt. 502 m, in the south Montie Iblei, on the right of the River Irminio, area, 442.46 sq km, pop. 68,486, post-code 97100, tel. 0932. Economy: Agriculture; industries: asphalt and oil mining, foodstuffs, chemicals, building, petroleum products; handmade embroidery; tourism, in the summer also at the seaside resort of Marina di Ragusa.

History of the city: The city consists of two separate centers, Ragusa Ibla and Ragusa Superiore, which were unified in 1926 and raised to the status of provincial capital. The older center is Ragusa Ibla, the ancient Hybla Heraia, a Sicel city Hellenized in the 6th century BC. The city declined under the Romans. After the Byzantine domination it was conquered in 848 by the Muslims, and later by the Normans. It was extremely prosperous in the Chiaromontine age, in the 13th and 14th centuries after the earthquake in 1693 it was rebuilt in baroque style. Ragusa Superiore also dates from after 1693, and its layout is orderly and rational.

Visit the Town: The Cathedrale, San Giovanni Battista, in the upper city, was begun in the early 18th century and completed in 1760. The Cathedral has an ample low facade and the interior is characterized by a series of smooth columns. Vertical pilaster strips divide up the 18th century Casa canonica, which backs on to the apsidal wall of the Cathedral.

Of interest: the Museo Archeologico Ibleo; Palazzo Cosentini in typicaly exuberant baroque style; the 18th century Palazzo della Cancelleria; The Giardino Ibleo.

The Provincial Archives (Archivio di Stato) has a web site at They are located at:

Archivio di Stato
Viale del Fante 7
97100 Ragusa (RG)

The Diocese Archives are located at:
Curia Vescovile
Diocese di Ragusa
Via Roma, 109
97100 Ragusa (RG)

Churches (Ragusa Diocese) include the following:
S. Giovanni Battista (Cattedrale)
Angelo Custode
Beato Clemente
Chiesa del Purgatorio (historic)
Chiesa di Santa Maria dell'Itria (founded by the Knights of Malta in the 17th century; original campanile, historic)
Chiesa di San Giorgio of Rosario (1739 and 1775, historic)
Chiesa di San Giuseppe (18th century, historic)
Chiesa di Sant'Antonio (historic)
Chiesa dell'Immacolata (Fine 14th century portal, historic)
Chiesa del Signore Trovato (18th and 19th century, historic)
Chiesa di San Giorgio Vecchio (historic)
Chiesa dei Cappuccini Vecchi and di San Giacomo (historic)
Maria Regina
Maria SS. Nunziata
Preziosissimo Sangue di N.S.G.C.
S. Antonio Abate
S. Francesco D'Assisi
S. Francesco di Paola
S. Giorgio
S. Giovanni Maria Vianney
S. Giuseppe Artigiano
S. Isidoro Agricola
S. Luigi Gonzaga
S. Maria Ausiliatrice
Santa Maria delle Scale
S. Paolo Apostolo
S. Pier Giuliano Eymard
S. Pio X
S. Rosalia
S. Tommaso Apostolo
Sacra Famiglia
Sacro Cuore di Gesu'
SS. Ecce Homo
SS. Salvatore
S. Francesco Saverio (Marina di Ragusa - suburb of Ragusa)
S. Maria di Portosalvo (Marina di Ragusa - suburb of Ragusa)
Beata Maria Vergine di Lourdes (San Giacomo Torre - suburb of Ragusa)

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