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Roma (Roma Province) is a town of 2,640,097 inhabitants, the most populous town of Italy and the largest municipality in Italy and among the major European capitals to size of the territory. It is the capital of the Italian Republic, as well as the capital of the province of Rome and the Lazio region, by virtue of its status as capital, is administratively a special municipality. It is called the City, and the Eternal City.

Founded in the tradition April 21,753 BC, in the course of its three millennia of history was the first great metropolis of the world, the heart of one of the most important ancient civilizations, which influenced society, culture, language , literature, art, architecture, philosophy, religion, law and customs of the following centuries. Place of origin of the Latin language, was the capital of the Roman Empire, which extended its rule over the whole basin of the Mediterranean and much of Europe, the Papal States, subject to the temporal power of the popes, and the Kingdom of Italy (since 1871).

In the Western art world has a situation that develops eminence almost continuously since 200 BC advanced to 1700. Its historic center bounded by the perimeter of the Aurelian walls, overlapping testimonies of almost three millennia, is an expression of the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of the Western world European and, in 1980, along with extraterritorial properties of the Holy See in the city and the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls, has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Rome, the heart of Catholic Christianity, is the only city in the world to host an internal State as a whole, the enclave of Vatican City: for this reason it is often referred to as the capital of two states.

Commonwealth buried at Rome War Cemetery (Roma, Roma Province, Italy) - 426 burials. - 28 South Africans. 4 Australians.
French Military Cemetery at Rome (Roma, Roma Province, Lazio Region, Italy) - 1,888 burials.
Non-Catholic Cemetery (Testaccio) (Roma, Roma Province, Lazio Region, Italy) WWI and WWII Commonwealth - 6 WWI; 1 WWII, 7 United Kingdom, 7 total.
Rome (Verano) Comune Cemetery (Roma, Roma Province, Lazio Region, Italy) WWII Commonwealth - 1 Canadian burial.
US Military Cemetery - Sicily-Rome American Cemetery at Nettuno (Nettuno, Roma Province, Lazio Region, Italy) WWII US - 7,861 total burials plus 3,095 missing.

Families researched in this town include the following:
di Lauro

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