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Serradifalco (CL)

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Serradifalco (Caltanissetta Province) is a hill town 21 km from Caltanissetta, alt. 504 km on the northwest slopes of the Serra Cusatino, area 41.6 sq. km., and has a population of over 6500, post-code 93010, tel. 0934. Agricultural economy: cereals, vegetables, and wine grapes.

According to the book "Serradifalco" by Giuseppe Testa, the feudal fief of Serra del Falco belonged to the Grifeo family in the early 1600s. The first Grifeo Baron of Serra del Falco, before the town was established, was Francesco Grifeo (1617-1635).. The comune of Serradifalco was founded in the name of Don Francesco Grifeo, third Grifeo Baron of Serradifalco, a minor, by his grandmother, Baroness Donna Maria Sarzana-Ventimiglia. In December 1640, Grifeo received a license from the King of Spain to populate the town. Through Donna Maria, the Grifeo family arranged for the new town's colonization, and established its laws and the use of its lands and resources.

The Lo Faso family (specifically Don Leonardo LoFaso Pietrasanta) were the second owners of the town, gaining control in May 1652. This small town still has its original layout with ancient streets in a regular pattern.

Thanks to Angelo F. Coniglio for this history.

Of interest is the Ducal Palace and the Palace of Barone Piazza.

Churches (Caltanissetta Diocese) include the following:
San Leonardo (Matrice, 1740)
Chiesa di San Francesco (18th century, historic)
Immacolata (1750)
S. Maria del Carmelo

Families researched in these records include the following:
Biassa, Blaudina, Buttice', Calabrese, Callari, Caniolo, Carollo, Coniglio, Consiglio, Cordova, Cumbo, Di Fazio, di Puma, Falzone, Ficano, Grottadauria, Guarneri, Imperiale, Ingrao, Lo Buglio, Lombardo, lo Nobile, lo Valenti, Mangione, Marraino, Menfi, Micciche', Pitretti, Scammacca, Sferrazza, Tabbone, Tolentino, Valenti

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