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Thapsos (SR)

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Thapsos (Siracusa Province) is in the little peninsula of Magnisi, 14 km from Siracusa, contains important evidence of Sicilian proto-history, between the Bronze Age and the first Iron Age.

According to Thucydides, this is where the Megarians, who were to found Megara Hyblaea, took refuge. Thapsos itself was abandoned and later occupied by the Athenians, during their Sicilian expedition.

The Mid-Bronze Age period is the most signifigant and indeed has given rise to the definition Thapsos culture.

The prehistoric settlement was discovered near the isthmus connecting the little peninsula of Magnisi with the mainland.

There are also fortifications and necropolises which are until now unique to Thapsos.

Many of the items discovered (Mycenaean, Cypriot and Pheonician) are in the Arachaeological Museum in Siracusa.

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