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Adrano (CT)

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Adrano (Catania Province) is 37 km from Catania, alt. 560 m, in the southwest foothills of Mt. Etna, on a lava plain overlooking the River Simeto, area 82.5 sq km, with a population of over 34,900, post-code 95031, tel. 095. Economy is agricultural.

The town was originally Adronon. The territory was inhabitated in prehistoric times of which archaelogical finds are now in the Siracusa Archaeological Museum. The southern part of the Sicel-Greek city walls, towers, and necroppolis (9-5th century BC) have been excavated at Mendolito. Adranon was a military stronghold guarding a very important crossroads between Enna and Catania. In 344 BC it was saved from Dionysius II by Timoleon who was assisting Siracusa from Corinth. It was captured by the Romans in the First Punic War when the old city of Adronon was destroyed. The new city was called Hadranum and was declared a Stipendiary city. It flourished under the Arabs (who called it Adornu). It was raised to the level of County by Count Roger, in the 14th century it belonged to the Sclafani family and then to the Moncadas. It was seriously damaged in the earthquake of 1693. It also suffered great damage during World War II.

Of interest is the castle tower, thought to have been built by Count Roger in the 11th century. It now houses the Adrano Archaeological Museum. Outside of town is the Ponte dei Saraceni (14th cent) and the Ponte acquedotto dei Biscari (1761 and 1791).

Churches (Catania Diocese) include the following:
Maria SS. Assunta (Chiesa Madre)
Cuore Immacolato della B.M.V.
S. Agostino
S. Francesco
S. Leonardo
S. Lucia V.M. (1156, 1775)
S. Maria degli Angeli
S. Paolo
S. Pietro
SS. Apostoli Filippo e Giacomo

On August 3-4 is the Festa of San Nicolo Politi. A religous play (from 1728) is presented on Easter Sunday.

Families researched in these records include the following:
la Mela
La Spina

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