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Giarre (CT)

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Giarre (Catania Province) is 30 km from Catania, alt. 81 m, on the eastern slopes of Etna, near the River Macchia, area 27.5 sq km. Its population is just over 27,100, post-code 95014, tel. 095. Economy: trade, agriculture, volcanic stone quarries.

The Chalcidian colony of Callipoli (7th century BC) was probably in this area. The modern town was part of Mascali until 1915 and expanded considerably in the second half of the 19th century. The name Giarre is thought to derive from "giare" (jars) which contained the tithes paid to the Bishop of Catania.

Across the train tracks lies Riposto, with whom it shares the train station (FS). The Circumetnea train station is one street over into Giarre.

On May 10 is the Festa of Sant'Isodoro. Festival of Flowers in the suburb of Trepunti in September.

Churches (Acireale Diocese) include the following:
San Isidoro Agricola (Duomo, 1794)
Gesu' Lavoratore
Regina Pacis
San Camillo
San Francesco d'Assisi
Santa Maria della Strada
Maria SS. di Porto Salvo (Altarello-Giarre - suburb of Giarre)
Maria SS. della Provvidenza (Macchia di Giarre - suburb of Giarre)
San Giovanni Battista (San Giovanni Montebello - suburb of Giarre)
Maria SS. della Liberta (San Leonardello - suburb of Giarre)
Santa Maria del Monte Carmelo (Sciara - suburb of Giarre)
San Matteo (Trepunti - suburb of Giarre)

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