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Levanzo (TP)

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Levanzo (Trapani Province) is the island opposite Favignana, in a lonely isolation imposed by its almost total incapacity to accommodate visiters, which is accepted as a true privilege by all those who love peace and quiet.

The island is tiny, the smallest in the archipelago, with just a few houses at Cala Dogana, the little bay that offers a natural harbour.

The horizon is vast, completely unbroken as on Favignana - though there it is even wider - covered with Mediterranean maqui, prickly-pears clining to the sun-weathered walls and agaves with flower spikes as high as flag-poles.

Geologically, Levanzo is the oldest of the three islands in the archipelago, as it was formed in the Triassic, i.e. about 2,000,000 years ago.

It is scattered with caves, one of which, the Grotta del Genovese, has made the island internationally famous.

The reason is well konwn: inside the cave, which today is about 30 meters above sea-level, prehistoric man left graffiti testifying to his life and his activites. This cave was discovered quite accidentally in 1949.

Also: Formica, an islet 680 m long, between the city of Trapani and the island of Levanzo, where a tunny-fishery once used to operate.

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