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Trapani Province (TP)

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Trapani Province in Sicily Region
population: 435,268
towns & suburbs: 74
Capital: Trapani

The Provincial Archives (Archivio di Stato) has a web site at They are located at:
Archivio di Stato
Via Liberta' 31
Via Eraclea 29
91100 Trapani, TP

This province includes the Diocese of Trapani, and the Diocese of Mazara del Vallo.

The towns, suburbs, historic and scenic places of Trapani Province include:

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Abbadessa (TP) (see Marsala)
Addolorata (TP) (see Marsala)
Alcamo (TP)
Alcamo Marina (TP) (see Alcamo)
Alfaraggio (TP) (see Marsala)
Amabilina (TP) (see Marsala)
Asinelli (TP) (Island, see Egadi Islands)
Assieni (TP) (see Custonaci)
Badia (TP) (see Buseto Palizzolo)
Baglio Nuovo (TP) (see Marsala)
Balata dei Turchi (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Balata di Baida (TP) (see Castellammare del Golfo)
Ballata (TP) (see Erice)
Bambina (TP) (see Marsala)
Barbara (TP) (see Marsala)
Baronazzo (TP) (see Marsala)
Battaglia (TP) (see Buseto Palizzolo)
Bellusa (TP) (see Marsala)
Berbarello (TP) (see Marsala)
Berbaro (TP) (see Marsala)
Biesina (TP) (see Marsala)
Birgi (TP) (see Marsala)
Birgi Novi (TP) (see Marsala)
Birgi Nivarolo (TP) (see Marsala)
Birgi Vecchi (TP) (see Marsala)
Bonagia (TP) (see Valderice)
Borgata Costiera (TP) (see Mazara del Vallo)
Borgo Annunziata (TP) (see Trapani)
Borgo Badia (TP) (see Buseto Palizzolo)
Borgo Binuara (TP) (see Trapani)
Borgo Fazio (TP) (formerly in Paceco, now in Trapani)
Borgo Livio Bassi (TP) (also known as Ummari, see Trapani)
Borgo Runza (TP) (see Mazara del Vallo)
Bosco (TP) (see Marsala)
Bruca (TP) (see Buseto Palizzolo)
Buccuram (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Bufalata (TP) (see Marsala)
Bugeber (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Bukkuram (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Buseto Cento (TP) (see Buseto Palizzolo)
Buseto Palizzolo(TP)
Buseto Soprano (TP) (see Buseto Palizzolo)
Buttagana (TP) (see Marsala)
Calatafimi (TP)
Camarro (TP) (see Partanna)
Campobello (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Campobello di Mazara (TP)
Camporeale (TP until 1954, now in PA)
Canale (TP) (see Marsala)
Capofeto (TP) (see Marsala)
Cardilla (TP) (see Marsala)
Carillume (TP)(see Marsala)
Casabianca (TP) (see Marsala)
Casa Santa (TP) (see Erice)
Casalbianco (TP) (see Valderice)
Casazze (TP) (see Marsala)
Castellammare del Golfo (TP)
Castello Inici (TP) (see Castellammare del Golfo)
Castelluzzo (TP) (see San Vito lo Capo)
Castelvetrano (TP)
Catenazzi (TP) (see Marsala)
Chiesanuova (TP) (see Valderice)
Chitarra (TP) (see Marsala)
Ciancio (TP) (see Marsala)
Ciappola (TP) (see Marsala)
Ciavolotto (TP) (see Marsala)
Ciavolo (TP) (see Marsala)
Colombaia Lasanga (TP) (see Marsala)
Conca (TP) (see Marsala)
Contrada Venedise (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Cornino (TP) (see Custonaci)
Costiera di Mazara (TP) (see Mazara del Vallo)
Cozzaro (TP) (see Marsala)
Cozzogrande (TP) (see Marsala)
Crocci (TP) (see Valderice)
Crocevia (TP) (see Valderice)
Cufura (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Cuore di Gesu (TP) (see Marsala)
Custonaci (TP)
Cutusio (TP) (see Marsala)
Dammusello (TP) (see Marsala)
Dara (TP) (see Marsala)
Dattilo (TP) (see Paceco, Erice)
Digerbato (TP) (see Marsala)
Egadi Islands (TP)
Erice (TP) (formerly called Monte San Giuliano)
Ettore Infersa (TP) (see Marsala)
Falconiera (TP) (see Marsala)
Favignana (TP) (Island, see also Egadi Islands)
Fico (TP) (Formerly in Valderice, now in Alcamo)
Filici (TP) (see Salemi)
Fiumara Sant'Onofrio (TP) (see Marsala)
Fontanabianca (TP) (see Salemi)
Fontana Leo (TP) (see Marsala)
Fontanasalsa (TP) (see Trapani)
Fontanella Casasanta (TP) (see Trapani)
Fontanelle (TP) (see Marsala)
Formica (TP) (Island, see Egadi Islands)
Fornara (TP) (see Marsala)
Fossarunza (TP) (see Marsala)
Fulgatore (TP) (see Trapani)
Gadir (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Garitte Karuscia (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Giaccatello (TP) (see Marsala)
Giammabella (TP) (see Marsala)
Giardinello (TP) (see Marsala)
Gibellina (TP)
Giunchi (TP) (see Marsala)
Gorgazzo (TP) (see Salemi)
Granatello (TP) (see Marsala)
Grande (TP) (see Marsala)
Grotta del Genovese (TP) (see Levanzo)
Guarrato (TP) (see Trapani)
Guidaloca (TP) (see Castellammare del Golfo)
Gurgo (TP) (see Marsala)

Kamma (TP) (also Khamma, see Pantelleria)
Karuscia (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Khaddiuggia (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Khamma di Fuori (TP) (see Pantelleria)
La Scuola (TP) (Island, see Egadi Islands)
Lentina (TP) (see Valderice)
Lenzi (TP) (see Valderice)
Levanzo (TP) (Island, see Egadi Islands)
Lilibeo (Lilybaeum) (TP)
Locogrande (TP) (see Trapani)
Lunga (TP) (Island, see Egadi Islands)
Macari (TP) (formerly in Castelluzzo, now in San Vito lo Capo)
Madonna Alto Oliva (TP) (see Marsala)
Madonna della Cava (TP) (see Marsala)
Madonna delle Grazie (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Mamuna (TP) (see Marsala)
Maraone (TP) (Island, see Egadi Islands)
Marausa (TP) (see Trapani)
Marettimo (TP) (Island, see Egadi Islands)
Marinella di Selinunte (TP) (see Castelvetrano)
Marsala (TP)
Martingana (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Matarocco (TP) (see Marsala)
Mazara del Vallo (TP)
Mazara Due (TP) (see Mazara del Vallo)
Messinello (TP) (see Marsala)
Milo (TP) (see Trapani)
Misericordia (TP) (see Valderice)
Misilla (TP) (see Marsala)
Mokarta (TP) (see Trapani)
Monte San Giuliano (TP) (now called Erice)
Mozia (TP) (Island, see Egadi Islands)
Napola (TP) (see Erice)
Nasco (TP) (see Marsala)
Nubia (TP) (see Paceco)
Oneto (TP) (see Marsala)
Paceco (TP)
Palma (TP) (see Alcamo)
Pantelleria (TP) (Island)
Paolini (TP) (see Marsala)
Paparelle (see Valderice)
Partanna (TP)
Pastorella (TP) (see Marsala)
Pecorume (TP) (see Marsala)
Pellagrino (TP) (see Marsala)
Perino (TP) (see Marsala)
Petrosino (TP) (formerly in Marsala and Mazara del Vallo)
Pianoneve-Luziano (TP) (see Busteto Palizzolo)
Pietretagliate (TP) (see Trapani)
Pispisia (TP) (see Marsala)
Pizzolungo (TP) (see Erice)
Poggioreale Sicilia (TP)
Ponte Fiumarella (TP) (see Marsala)
Porcelli (Island, see Egadi Islands)
Porcello (TP) (see Marsala)
Porcospino (TP) (see Marsala)
Pozzillo (TP) (see Marsala)
Preola (TP) (lake)
Purguatorio (TP) (see Custonaci)
Ragattisi (TP) (see Marsala)
Rakalia (TP) (see Marsala)
Ranna (TP) (see Marsala)
Rassameli (TP) (see Marsala)
Reckhale (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Rekhali (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Rilievo (TP) (see Trapani)
Rinazzo (TP) (see Marsala)
Roccazzello (TP) (see Marsala)
Rocche di Cusa (TP) (see Castelvetrano)

Salaparuta (TP)
Salemi (TP)
Salina Grande (TP) (see Trapani)
San Ciro Fontana Bianca (TP) (see Salemi)
San Ciro Petrazzi (TP) (see Salemi)
San Filippo (TP) (see Marsala)
San Giacomo (TP) (see Marsala)
San Giuseppe Tafalia (TP) (see Marsala)
San Giuliano Trentapiedi (TP) (see Trapani)
San Leonardo (TP) (see Marsala)
San Marco (TP) (see Valderice)
San Michele (TP) (see Pantelleria)
San Michele Rifugio (TP) (see Marsala)
San Nicola (TP) (see Marsala)
San Padre Perriere (TP) (see Marsala)
San Silvestro (TP) (see Marsala)
San Teodoro (TP) (see Marsala)
San Venera (TP) (see Marsala)
San Vito (TP) (see Pantelleria)
San Vito lo Capo (TP)
Sant'Ambrogio (TP) (see Marsala)
Sant'Andrea di Bonagia (TP) (see Valderice)
Sant'Anna (TP) (see Marsala)
Santa Chiara (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Santa Lucia (TP) (see Custonaci)
Santa Maria (TP) (Island, see Egadi Islands)
Santa Ninfa (TP)
Santo Padre Delle Perriere (TP) (see Marsala)
Sasi (TP) (see Calatafimi)
Scacciaiazzo (TP) (see Marsala)
Scauri (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Scauri Basso (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Scauri Siculo (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Sciuvechi (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Scopello (TP) (see Castellammare del Golfo)
Segesta (TP) (historic site)
Selinunte (TP) (historic site)
Selvaggi (TP) (see Marsala)
Siba (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Sinagia (TP) (see Salemi)
Sinubio (TP) (see Marsala)
Sopra Gadir (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Spagnola (TP) (see Marsala)
Sperone (TP) (see Custonaci)
Stagnone (TP) (Island, see Egadi Islands)
Stazzone (TP) (see Marsala)
Strasatti di Marsala (TP) (see Marsala)
Sturiano (TP) (see Marsala)
Tabaccaro (TP) (see Marsala)
Tangi-Blindano (TP) (see Buseto Palizzolo)
Terrenove (TP) (see Marsala)
Torretta Granitola (TP) (see Campobello di Mazara)
Torrelunga Puleo (TP) (see Marsala)
Tracino (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Trapani (TP)
Tre Fontane (TP) (see Campobello di Mazara)
Triscina di Selinunte (TP) (see Castelvetrano)
Ulmi (TP) (see Salemi)
Ummari (TP) (see Trapani)
Valderice (TP)
Ventrischi (TP) (see Marsala)
Villaggio Madonna Delle Grazie (TP) (see Gibellina)
Villaggio Tre Pietre (TP) (see Pantelleria)
Villapetrosa (TP) (see Marsala)
Vita (TP)
Vurgo (TP) (see Marsala)
Xitta (TP) (see Trapani)
Zingaro (TP)
Zizza (TP) (see Marsala)

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