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Paceco (Trapani Province) is 7 km from Trapani, alt. 36 m, south of the Trapani salt-pans, area 58.4 sq km, pop. 11,299, post-code 91027, tel. 0923. Agricultural economy; cereals, olive oil, vegetables, wine and a local specialty: the cantalope melon.

Traces of Palaeolithic and Neolithic settlemtns have been found in the territory.

In modern times (14th-15th centuries) the town developed around the Chiesa di San Lorenzo di Xitta, which was the property of the Order of Malta. The old town became a fief of the Fardella family but was later abandoned and refounded in 1607 in its present site by Placido Fardella, who was made a Prince for doing so. One of his successors, Marquis Vincenzo Fardella di Torrearsa, was later to be one of the architects of the unification of Italy, and in 1870 he became President of the first Senate of the Kingdom of Italy.

Of interest: Villa of Marquis Fardella di Torrearsa still exists, though much altered, Museo Preistorico, Museo delle Saline (Salt-pan Musuem)

Churches (Trapani Diocese) include the following:
S. Caterina Vergine e Martire (Chiesa Madre)
Chiesa di San Lorenzo di Xitta (historic)
Regina Pacis
S. Giuseppe (Dattilo - suburb of Paceco)
Maria SS. Immacolata (Nubia - suburb of Paceco)

Families researched in these records include the following:

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