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Partanna (TP)

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Partanna (Trapani Province) is 58 km from Trapani, alt 414 m, on the watershed between the Rivers Belice to the west and Modione to the wast, on the southern slopes of Cozzo Rizzo, area 82.4 sq km. Its population is just over 11,600, post-code 91028, tel. 0924. Economy: agriculture (wine grapes, table and oil olives, oranges, vegetables); light industry (paint factories, soft drinks, wine cooperatives).

An ancient Sican, Greek, Roman and Arab town, it derives its name either from its geographical position (between two rivers) or from its original condition ("virgin land" in Greek, "dark land" in Arabic). The medieval town developed around the tower and castle. In 1139 it became a fief of the Grifeos, who were raised to the title of Princes in 1627 and their named altered to Graffeo.

Camarro, the new part of town, is quite interesting. This was built after the earthquake in 1968, in somewhat surrealistic style.

At Stretto, another country area 2 km east of the town, a Bronze Age archeological area has been brought to light.

Of interest is the castle, originally Arab-Norman and rebuilt in the 14th century and again in the 18th century.

Churches (Mazara del Vallo Diocese) include the following:
Transfigurazione di N.S.G.C. (Chiesa Madre)
Santa Maria della Catena (Chiesa Madre, historic)
Santuario di Madonna della Liberta
S. Lucia Vergine e Martire
S. Nicolo' da Tolentino

Families researched in those records include the following:

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