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Resuttano (CL)

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Resuttano (Caltanissetta Province) is 38 km. from Caltanissetta, alt. 600 m., on a hill on the right of the River Imera Miradionale (Salso), area 38.3, pop. 2,721, post-code 93010, tel. 0934. Economy is cereals, almonds, olives, and sumac.

The territory is an enclave in the province of Palermo, belonging to the province of Caltanissetta, in accordance with the wishes of the inhabitants.

The ruins of an ancient castle are 5 km east, outside the village, which possibly existed in Arab times, as suggested by the name Rusuttano: Rahl as-sultan (house of the Sultan). The castle was important in the Middle Ages because of its position on the river Imera, on the border with the Madonie territory, and it is celebrated because here Frederick II of Aragon dictated his will which led to the War of the Four Vicars, between the Ventimiglia faction and the Chairomontes. A fief of the Ventigmilgia from the 14th century, its castle and the surrounding territory at the beginning of the 17th century came into possession of Duke Giuseppe of Naples, who in 1625 founded a new village from which the present-day town developed. The Castle was incorporated in a farmstead in the 19th century.

Traces of an ancient settlement, originally indigenous and then Hellenized, have been found in the vicinity, on the Cozzo Terravecchia, alt. 961 m.

Of interest: Palazzo Mazzarino (18th century).

Churches (Caltanissetta Diocese) include the following:
Maria SS. Immacolata (Chiesa Madre; 18th century)
S. Paolo

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